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Analysis and definition of the strategy for selling online


Evaluation of the most suitable platform for your project


Setup of your Ecommerce

Implementation and development of Ecommerce projects.

Opening an online store has become a real trend for two main reasons: on one side, the number of users buying online is constantly increasing, and on the other, the running costs are significantly lower than the ones of a physical store.
The Ecommerce sector is no longer to be considered as the future of sales, but represents the present in continuous development.
However, creating a successful online store requires technical and marketing skills of different kinds, as well as a lot of commitment and perseverance.

That's why at Gwell we're here to put all our know-how at your disposal.
We will help you to create a complete, structured and easy-to-navigate site, supporting you in the analysis, setup and customisation stages.
However, this path must necessarily be supported by a correct strategy, which allows you to define the steps and operational tools suitable for each specific situation.

As the famous quote attributed to the wiseman Abraham Lincoln reads:
"Give me eight hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first six sharpening the axe."
In the vortex of everyday life, it seems that the only thing that matters is "to do".
But if we don't "do" with a deep prior knowledge, in the end our actions will lead us to waste precious time reducing the possibility of reaching our goals.

Analysis and definition of the strategy for selling online

Sector analysis

Study and analysis of the relevant sector, with the goal of understanding its online perception, direct and indirect competitors, their market positioning and the sales channels on which focusing.

Value proposition

Defining the value proposition of your business, your distinctive features compared to competitors and how these features can be transferred into an online project: from products and services to prices, brand image and communication.

Strategic and operational plan

Creation of a strategic and operational plan, with the indication of the guidelines and the steps to follow in order to realise a turnkey Ecommerce through a path based on solid foundations and shared objectives.

Evaluation of the most suitable platform for your project

Shopify & Storeden
Shopify and Storeden

Gwell is a partner of Shopify and Storeden, two cloud platforms that allow you to create online shops suitable for all needs, without requiring server installations. You won't have to worry about technical problems and maintenance, and your Ecommerce will always be kept operative and updated in exchange for a monthly fee, variable according to the chosen plan.

Fast, safe and affordable solutions.

These platforms are ideal for those who want to begin selling quickly and with a limited starting budget. They do not require IT or web-development skills, they guarantee the security of information and transactions for you and your users.
They are intuitive, scalable and with an excellent learning curve.


Multiple customisation possibilities, thanks to a rich ecosystem of certified applications and graphic themes. These solutions allow you to personalise the appearance of your Ecommerce, and to equip it with a series of complementary features to manage marketing, sales, customer service, orders, inventory, translations, shipping, payments.

Setup of your Ecommerce

Ecommerce setup

Configuration of general settings, entering basic information about your shop, activation of payment methods, setting of national and international shipping rules, configuration of taxation and billing, customisation of email notification templates. At this stage we will also take care of the sections related to privacy, cookie policy and terms and conditions of sale.

Inventory uploading

Uploading of your catalogue, with the creation of optimized product pages. We will write persuasive texts, take care of your images and, if necessary, we will also follow the translations of your descriptions, relying on our trusted qualified translators.


Training on the use of the platform, with the goal of making you independent on the management of orders, on adding new products or modifying the existing ones, on the general settings related to payments, shipments, taxes, invoicing.