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Strategic and operational consulting for selling on Amazon


Your shop setup to sell immediately throughout Europe


Management of your Seller and Vendor account and Amazon Logistics

Start selling on Amazon right now.

Amazon allows you to quickly reach millions of customers throughout Europe. Selling on Amazon, however, can be a complex and sometimes frustrating business experience.

On one side, new competitors are entering the market on daily basis, ready to give you battle! On the other side, the platform itself is not very intuitive and its rules are rigid and constantly updated.

We are sure you have understood that selling products on Amazon is not just uploading and waiting them to be sold.
But even before you start selling, you'll need to create your own store, and only the initial registration and setup can take many hours of your time.

That's why we're here to help you.
We can take over a wide range of activities, letting you continue to focus your energy on what is most strategic for your business.
Here's what we can do for you.

Strategic and operational consulting for selling on Amazon

Market analysis

Market analysis of your products with the goal of identifying your business opportunities in different European markets, your competitors and their positioning, the keywords of your niche and the related research volumes.

Product detail page analysis

Analysis of your product detail pages, with particular reference to images and texts. We will check if your images meet Amazon's stringent requirements and we will X-ray the fields related to titles, descriptions and enhanced contents, checking if you have used the right keywords.

Customised strategy

Creation of a customised strategic and operational plan, with all the corrective actions to be taken and guidelines to follow step by step to increase your sales on Amazon.

Your shop setup to sell immediately throughout Europe

Seller account setup

Registration and configuration of your Seller account, with precise and scrupulous setting of data related to payments, taxes, invoices, shipments, returns, access, notifications and inventory management.

Inventory uploading

Uploading of your inventory with optimization of the product detail pages. We will add your articles in the most relevant category, write captivating texts optimized for Amazon SEO and, if necessary, modify your images to meet the requirements.

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Selling internationally

Do you also want to sell in France, Germany, UK and Spain? We rely on qualified translators for the texts. We'll take care of the rest.

Advertising on Amazon

Setting up PPC campaigns, with training on their management, analysis of advertising reports and implementation of more complex campaigns.

Management of your Seller and Vendor account and Amazon Logistics

Amazon Seller

Management of your Seller account, with the goal of increasing sales. We will analyze your product detail pages and make the appropriate improvements. We will set up advertising campaigns in line with your budget and your targets.

Amazon Vendor

Management of your Vendor account, with relative optimization of your profile. We will train and help you on the intricate management of purchase orders and shipments of your goods to Amazon warehouses. We will launch high-performance advertising campaigns using all the tools provided by the Vendor program.

Amazon Logistics

Management of Amazon Logistics. We will train and help you on the complex process of inventory uploading and shipping of your products to Amazon warehouses.
Do you want to store your inventory close to your European customers with Amazon's Pan-European Logistics Program? Don't worry, we're good at that as well.